Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Webmaster's Book of Secrets Review

If you're new to Internet marketing or have been at it for quite some time, no doubt you've heard about The Webmaster's Book of Secrets. This official review of one of the fastest selling SEO ebooks of all time is brought to you by

The Webmaster's Book of Secrets was written by SEO expert, Michael Fleischner. In this SEO ebook, Michael reveals the proven techniques he learned throughout his career from some of the nation's top SEO consultants.

Michael used the very techniques revealed in this guide for achieving number #1 Google rankings for his blogs, web sites, and forums. The book is divided into two primary sections:

Section 1: On page optimization.

In the first section, The Webmaster's Book of Secrets reveals how to improve search engine rankings by changing a number of elements on your web site pages. In this section, you learn about the number one mistake that most web site owners make, which prevents them from showing up on the first page of Google.

On page optimization factors that are detailed include meta tags, proper formating, little-know secrets about keyword density, anda simple technique proven to boost your rankings by hundreds of positions in less than a few days - improving visibility and traffic.

After reading section one of this guide, you'll be able to make some significant improvements in you search engine results. The value of this guide is that you can begin to use these techniques immediately, whether you're building a web site for the first time or you have a web site that is more established but not ranking well.

Section 2: Off-page optimization.

The majority of the techniques for improving search engine rankings appear in the second section of the book dedicated toward off-page optimization. These techniques reveal the importance of passing value to your web site through link exchanges, link building, and many more techniques the author has perfected over more than 10 years of doing business online.

One of the most important ways to improve your search results is through the development of in-bound links to your web site. Not only does the author teach you the proper way to develop in-bound links (97% of link building campaigns fail - find out why), but he teaches you the fastest way to build valuable links to your web site.

The book reveals a variety of link building techniques and covers each one in-depth. The content is so easy to follow, that you feel as though you can succeed by applying just one of the many techniques, and you can!

Some of the off-page optimization techniques, such as how to discover which links are getting your competitors into the #1 position on Google for a desired keyword or keyword phrase, reveal the truth as to why some sites seem to have the top position almost all the time. These secrets are worth thousands but are now available in this simple to use, tell-all guide.

In short, this SEO ebook is the fastest, most affordable way to improve search engine rankings for your website. Still not convinced? Read some of the powerful testimonials available on the website. Others are achieving #1 Google rankings with the help of the Webmaster's Book of Secrets... are you?


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