Monday, December 8, 2008

Using YouTube In Your Marketing Mix

Today's Good Marketing Tip: You Tube

One of my subscribers sent me this email about how he was finding great sites to link to him. He was finding these sites on of all places - YouTube.

Now before you think you know what I'm talking about let me explain and give you the short version of the email he sent me. He said that he was looking for content to add to his sites and thought he would look on YouTube for some videos.

He found some that worked for his niche and then he noticed something he had never seen before. When he clicked on the video and it started to play he saw there was a tab below that video that was called "Statistics & Data". When he clicked on it, YouTube listed all the sites generating clicks for that video.

Now, maybe you've seen this before but what he did has made a difference in the traffic to his site....and his rankings! He made a list of the sites and then started contacting those sites with request to link to his site and some of his videos. Did everyone respond, no. Did everyone link to his site, no, but some did.

He has been able to build up a good number of quality backlinks that actually get traffic and increase his PR all at the same time. Which has resulted in a boosting of orders. What a great way to see YouTube to your advantage!

Now take action and head over to YouTube and locate some videos for your niche. Then, click on the stats tab and see who's driving them traffic. Best of luck.


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