Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How To Create A Sitemap

A sitemap is similar to a table of contents you might find in a book. A sitemap is important because it guides web browsers to particular parts of a website they may have an interest in. Sitemaps are also where search engines look to find related pages to a given keyword or keyword phrase. If you have a sitemap, search engine spiders can easily navigate your website.

Creating a sitemap is a relatively easy process. You do not need to be a programmer or have specialized knowledge. All need is Notepad, a program editor, and some patience. Here’s how you can build your own sitemap:

Create a listing of your websites pages using Notepad.

You don’t have to be a Notepad per se, any text editor or word processing program will do. First, make sure to type in all the pages your website, properly named. Create your list as if you were listing the contents of a book. Make a draft and review. Be sure not to miss anything.

Create a new page for your sitemap on your website.

You can insert the sitemap on your website using an existing page or a new one. The best bet it to create a new page that is actually named, “sitemap.” Using your notepad, incorporate all the necessary tags (meta) that would be associated with that page including a title that includes the label “sitemap”.

Create a link for the sitemap from your homepage.

You won’t be able to view the sitemap if you doing place a link to it from your home page. Additionally, placing a link from your home page will make it each for search engines to find the sitemap. This directs them to your sitemap for proper indexing.

Check your work.

It is important to validate the functionality of each link you’ve placed on your sitemap. Test each one. If you receive an error, be sure to fix it and promote your page to your site. Run through each ling and make sure that everything is working.

Upload your sitemap once per month.

As a final step, make sure to update your sitemap regularly. Search engines will reward you for an accurate sitemap that reflects changes to your website on a regular basis.

The steps provided here are great ways to create sitemaps. These days, if you search hard enough on the web, you will find online programs that will do all these work for you. All you have to do it type in the URL or the link of your website and they will create the sitemap with click of a button.

No matter what method you use for creating sitemaps, make sure you have one. The result can only improve your search engine rankings and enhance your overall presence online.


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