Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today's Good Marketing Tip: Focus

So often as marketers, small business owners, or professional, we find ourselves focused on way too many things. The same is true of marketing. What I find is that when you focus on a particular marketing tactic, you can make progress. When trying to focus on everything at once: advertising, direct marketing, email marketing, ppc, trade shows, etc., the results are never quite the same.

Today's post is all about focus. I have found that throughout my career, I have achieved the greatest results by focusing in a given area and establishing a baseline. Once I've "mastered" and area, its time to assign that responsibility to someone else with the proper measurements.

Having the proper metrics to know how you're doing - without having to do the work yourself - allows you to focus on other things while managing by exception. What I mean is that it's impossible for one person to do everything and do it well.

So the next time you're struggling, think about transitioning some of your responsibilities. Take pride in the fact that you've reached that point and spend your time focusing on the metrics that are key to evaluating performance in that given area. Look at those statistics on a regular basis. Bottom line - move on, you'll be glad you did.


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