Monday, December 29, 2008

Affiliate Programs: How To Make Money

Today's Marketing Tip: Selling Products Online Through Affiliate Programs.

If you do anything online, you must be aware of the fact that each day, affiliates (also known as resellers) are generating millions of dollars selling other peoples stuff. The process is simple and can certainly supplement your income. Some online marketers actually sell affiliate products full time and make an excellent living.

Simply said, you place a link on your website and encourage individuals to purchase a product. This can be done through a house list via email, a promotion on your webpage, or through online advertising. Once an individual clicks through to the product website and buys, you earn a commission. All of the links you use to promote the product have tracking built in. That's what makes it work!

Here are 3 tips for making money with affiliate programs.

1. Find a product that you really like. You need to sell a product that you believe, you enjoy, or that you feel provides value to a particular segment. I've seen many affiliate marketers fail simply because they did not care about the product they were selling. Rather, they simply wanted to make money.

2. Sign up for affiliate marketing websites. The three most popular are,, and CommissionJunction ( What's great about these networks is that they are fee to join if you are only looking to promote affiliate products and give a lot of variety. Additionally, most of these provide access to banner ads, emails, etc. that you can use to promote your affiliate product.

3. Begin promoting your product. There are MANY ways to promote a particular product or service online. As I mentioned in the opening of this post, there are some individuals that make a significant income promoting and selling third party products. The benefit is no inventory and limited expense. That said, start your promotional activities in a very basic way. Grab some advertisements or emails and begin to market your product.

I've been using affiliate marketing to promote my products and other Internet related products for more than 3 years. I learned much of what I need to know through trial and error. If you want to take some shortcuts and start making money right away, I encourage you to check out Commission Blueprint. This product, and others like it give you the tools, information, and templates you need to start making money online.

Start today and learn, learn, learn. Before you know it, you may be one of those individuals making lots of money online.


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