Saturday, April 25, 2009

Marketing Tips For Facebook

If you're going to integrate Facebook into your marketing mix... great. But manage your expectations and have a comprehensive strategy. In addition to pay-per-click marketing, many more people are developing Groups and inviting followers.

For anyone with a small business, this is a great way to provide store updates, product information, or to draw prospects and customers to an event. There are many features you can use to create a dialog with customers. Thing things through and put a strategy in place.

Once you've done so, be sure to monitor follower comments and posts. Doing so can keep you informed of how people are feeling about your business, specific products, or services you've offered. You can also provide expert guidance to their questions or concerns.

Using Facebok as a way to create a dialog with your customers is a great idea. Make it part of your overall marketing strategy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Here are some good marketing tips I just shared with a friend of mine. They may not be the most popular or the most talked about, but they can certainly help to improve your marketing results.

Stay away from discounting. It get's difficult to start charging top price for the same products or services that you offer. As a result, you should consider emphasizing value over price. This allows you to sell for full price caught in the slippery slope of discounting. Once you do, while making buyers comfortable with the price they actually pay.

Consistent messaging. Consider the entire user experience before you launch a campaign. From email to website to promotional offer, ask yourself if the prospect having a consistent user experience. If they are, your campaigns stands above ninety-eight percent of others.

Create value after the sale. As marketers, its our job to understand our market segment and build relationships, not drop people off at the front door of our store and walk away. Focus as much of your energy on building relationships with customers as you do prospects.

Keep these marketing tips in mind before you start your next campaign. You'll have more success and enjoy the process.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Marketing Tip #181

If you're advertising on Google's Content Network, you must check out this great tool I've stumbled upon...
Its called "Content Bully" and it was created by the guys from PPC Bully. This thing is A M A Z I N G! Content Bully makes it extremely easy to find laser targeted websites for your placement campaigns on Google's Content network. I've read that it's nearly impossible to run profitable campaigns on Google's content network until I found this tool.

Best of all... its free! (well, there's a paid version too, but you can totally use the free one as well).

They have a short video on their website that shows exactly how it works. Watch it here: Content Bully Video.

Start making money with Google's content network today. Be sure to check out the free video and you'll be off and running.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Marketing Tip #231

Today's Marketing Tip is all about building a loyal following to your website. If you want to increase traffic overtime, you should start thinking long term. Effective traffic building techniques have more to do with quality content and top of mind than anything else.

I've used a variety of techniques over time to improve my website traffic. Here are a few ideas...
  • Create original content. By creating original content and posting it on your website, search engines will love your site and rank you higher in search results.

  • Place a bookmarking icon on your website. Go to a site like "" and download the script for a bookmark icon to be added to your website. This allows users to easily remember the location of your website and visit often.

  • Add an RSS feed. By placing an RSS feed on your site, users can sign up to receive content updates. This brings individuals back to your site when seeking related content.
Use these tips for improving website traffic again and again. As you build a loyal following, your traffic numbers will continue to improve. Always keep the long-term in mind when working to build website traffic.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jump Start Your Advertising

If you're having a hard time generating new business, than focus on making your advertising more memorable. Perhaps it's time to think about developing a new tagline for your business. A tagline is simple way to sum up the solution your product or service provides and create an impression in the customer's mind.

Your tagline is a great way to make a lasting impression, quickly communicate what you stand for, and what problem you can solve for consumers. Here are a few tips on creating a powerful tagline for your business.

1. Make a record of taglines you like. Keep your eyes and ears open for a week and write down the taglines you hear that catch your attention. The best way to make sure your own tagline is memorable is to figure out what grabs your attention and why. It will likely affect your customers in the same way.

2. Make a list. Over the course of a few days, have a few brainstorming sessions and write down everything that relates to your business. Remember, when brainstorming, nothing is a bad idea. Write down everything that comes to mind until you have a sizable list. From here, you will be able to narrow your list down into categories to help you direct your tagline. Your goal is to have 3 or 4 main points. Try to keep your final list specific. Generic lines will not get your point across.

3. Keep your tagline short. You want it to be 8-10 words maximum. You might think this would make it easier, but it's actually harder to express what you want to get across in just a few words. Don't get discouraged if you have trouble.

4. Come up with a few lines of your own. Use the 3 to 4 main points from your brainstorming list to come up with several options for taglines. Take a little time to think over each. Say them out loud. Try to determine if there are any double meanings you've overlooked. It may even be a good idea to get a few opinions from people to see what they think. Ideally, you should ask people who don't already know what your business does.

Once you have chosen a tagline, be sure to use it everywhere. Include it in your advertising, put it on your business cards, and make sure it is displayed on your site. Because it will be so closely associated with your company it is almost like a second name. It should be displayed everywhere your company's name shows.

Taglines are a great way to create interest and improve your advertising. Consider evaluating your tagline from time to time. As things change, your business changes, and so should your tagline. Give it a try and jump start your business.

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