Monday, May 10, 2010

Qualified Leads From Twitter?

By now you know that Twitter has taken on a life of its own. What was once considered a micro-blogging site is now the topic of most online conversations. You might be asking yourself what that may mean to your business and more importantly what it means to you.

After some time I opened up my own account on Twitter. This was mainly due to curiosity and the fact that Twitter like discussions are happening throughout the internet. I quickly found out that Twitter operates like many other social media sites and web tool in that it is a communication vehicle that helps you communicate to your niche in real time.

One of the best things about this social media tool is the ability to follow like minded individuals. Said another way, you can access what people are saying within a given industry or niche. This is vital to staying on top of things and continually learning about your trade. In the past, you had to sign up for RSS feeds or continually read online articles, reports, and posts. With Twitter you simply follow others who provide valuable information and access valuable content through posts and links.

You may be thinking that Twitter sounds great for learning about a particular but what other value does it provide. After you've identified those you want to follow for work related reasons, you should also consider adding some individuals to your list that are aligned with hobbies you may have, goals, or aspirations. Twitter is shaped by you the user so consider what content would add value to your life.

Once you've gotten comfortable with Twitter, its time to start building a following. Just you follow others, others may want to follow you. The best place to begin is by adding quality posts on a regular basis. What are you reading that may be of interest to others? What type of tools are you using to accomplish a specific goal? Share those things that provide value to others and you will quickly create a large list of followers. Once you have a list, you can begin to utilize your list of followers much like you would a direct marketing house list.

Once you've established a list and provide a good deal of value through your thoughts and ideas that are shared on a regular basis, you can begin offering information on affiliate products or your own products and services. When done correctly, others will learn more about these offers and even make a purchase. This is direct marketing at its best. One must be careful though as you don't want to abuse your list.

If you haven't already reached this conclusion, using Twitter is like have a direct dialog with prospects. Begin by offering something of value, gaining their trust and following. Once you've proven yourself as an expert or having authority in a given area, it's time to promote products or services that help to solve a problem. Twitter is a great tool for building your online business and targeting prospective customers.

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