Monday, February 18, 2008

Today's Marketing Tip: PR Checker

How do you know if a link exchange proposal is a good one? In today's marketing tip, we reveal how to differentiate between the "good" link and the "bad" one. Link exchanges can work to your favor when seeking to improve link popularity.

A link exchange is simply the process of placing a link on your website in exchange for another website placing a link to your website's home page or other web page. Often times, those seeking to develop incoming links to their website will send webmasters an email asking for a link exchange. How do you know if the proposal is a good one?

The place to start is with a good PR checker tool like the one available here. Begin by entering the URL of the page where the potential link partner has either placed your link or proposes placing your link. Determine the Google PR of that page. If the page rank value is less than the value of your links page (the location where you plan on placing a link to their site), than the link exchange will NOT benefit you. ALWAYS seek links from sites with an equal or greater Google PR to your own.

By following this link exchange tip, you'll be receiving favorable Google PR - ensuring that the value of the links coming into your website far outweigh the value of outgoing links. This is how to improve your search engine rankings.


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