Monday, February 4, 2008

Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Website

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. One of the best strategies for success is to evaluate your site on a regular basis. Consider the following questions and suggestions for improving your site's ranking:
  • Are you sure that your site doesn’t have broken links, and old and slow pages?
  • Are you sure that your site’s home page has a good chance to be found on the key phrase for which you optimized the page?
  • How often do you monitor back links to your site?
  • Do you know if the quality of partners’ links to your site remains the same over time?
  • Do you always recreate site maps and resubmit them to Google, MSN, and Yahoo! after you’ve changed your site substantially?
  • Do you keep a history of your website rankings so you can compare your current ranking results to any day in the past when you ran a ranking check?
These questions, and the answers they provoke, are food for thought. Make sure that your website is optimized and that you're keeping an eye on your competition. Online tools like SEO Elite or WebCEO can help. Click here to learn more.


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