Saturday, February 2, 2008

Make Sure Your Site is Error Free

Today's Marketing Tip: Proofreading

When a colleague of mine noticed a spelling error on my main website,, I couldn't help but wonder if we made additional "typos" on the website. I did a quick Google search and came across a website called, They offer a free trial so I figured, "What the hey... I'll give it a try."

After entering my email address and website URL, I received an email from TextTrust. They listed about 8 - 10 typos on my site. The great part about the listing is that it highlighted the words that were mispelled and quoted the sentence in which they were contained. All I had to do was click on the highlighted (mispelled) word, and it launched the specific page where I could find the error.

Unfortunately the service didn't review my entire site, for that you have to choose a service plan. TextTrust offers two, Express or Pro. The Express service gives you a single report for $199. The Pro service monitors your site on a regular basis for $24.95 per month.

If you have a large site, and have never checked it for errors, I recommend you make the investment. Nothing turns off browsers more than a poorly edited website.


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