Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Autoresponders: Your Key to Improving Conversions

Today's Marketing Tip: The Power of Autoresponders

I've been using auto responders for years to improve my conversion rates. If you're new to auto responders, let me explain how they work. When an individual visits your website and registers for something like a free report, newsletter, etc., they are automatically entered into a touch program (an example of such a form can be found at

The secret of the touch program is the auto responder. Essentially, an auto responder is a tool that fires off a series of canned messages that you create and control. These messages can move prospects through the purchase decision process. Or, messages can cross sell or promote additional products you offer.

I personally use auto responders as a way to offer free trials or information in exchange for a name and email address. The result is a bigger list for promotions purposes - and more revenue. Learn more about auto responders from Aweber Communications.


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