Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Build One-Way Links To Your Website Through Directory Submissions

One of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings is through the development of one-way links to your website. Whether your website is brand new, or has been around a while, getting listed in the top FREE directories is important for search engine optimization purposes. I personally use software to help expedite the submission process (which can be very time consuming) for my many websites.

What's nice about this software, is that it provides access to many of the main directories for free. There is also a paid version that gives you access to many more directories that can improve your search rankings. My feeling is, if it will help increase my search results, its worth it.

Directory SubmitterDirectory Submitter

Build more than 1,000 one -way links to your website with this online marketing tool. The Directory Submitter is your key to submitting your site to hundreds of key Internet directories. This tool is easy to use and gets results!

Keep your questions and suggestions coming! The more everyone contributes, the more we can call benefit.


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