Saturday, January 24, 2009

Focus Your Marketing In 2009: Top 10 Tips

1. Focus on Building Your List. Don't leave your list to chance. House lists out perform rented or acquired lists 3 to 1. Put some of your budget towards capturing information about prospects who have shown an interest in your product or service.

2. Continue the Dialog. Focus on a two way communication with your customers and prospects. This can be in the form of a newsletter, email, or event.

3. Bundling. Everyone is looking for a bargain. Bundle products or services to generate a higher price point and value for customers. The higher price point may afford some discounts, but don't go too far.

4. Low Cost Options. Give your customers the option to purchase low cost products and alternatives. Develop programs to up-sell customers or offer payment plans and options.

5. Utilize No Cost Marketing. Put a referral program in place. Whether you have your customers offer referrals or ask your sales team to never leave a sale without at least two other opportunities, referrals can go a long way.

6. Focus on Customers. With new business hard to come by and current customers cutting back, providing more value to those customer who you already have will keep them loyal.

7. Measure ROI Effectively. If you're using ppc advertising or other forms on Internet marketing, trim those programs that are marginally profitable. Use those funds to fuel more profitable campaigns.

8. Focus on Green. Consumers gravitate towards companies that are helping the environment, especially during these difficult times. Focus on green and watch the green flow to you.

9. Test. Test. Test. Don't stop testing your products, offers, or markets. As prices rise and available cash diminishes, you'll need to continually focus on improving the performance of even your most traditional marketing.

10. Survey. Work with your customers and prospects to determine what they want and what's most valuable to them. Getting through these tough times will require data and collaboration.


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