Monday, December 21, 2009

Today's Good Marketing Tip: Get Out Of The House

If you're trying to improve some aspect of your marketing, the best tip I can give you is to get out.  That's right, get out of your house and go to the mall or a local store.  And don't focus on you, focus on consumers.  It's easy to do research when you have a big enough sample size.  By viewing other consumers in action, you'll notice some interesting behaviors.

The other great thing about getting out is that you can learn from promotions that others are running.  From a retail perspective, you'd be amazed at simple marketing tips that go a long way.  Putting the milk in the back of the store, offering a coupon, or a loyalty card.  By visiting retailers you can even learn about integrated marketing promotions as consumers redeem coupons they received through email or online.

To be successful in marketing you need to do more than read case studies of discuss theory.  Behavioral data is what's best for improving your knowledge and learning.  Once you've collected your ideas, keep them in a safe place - write them in a notebook or keep them on you phone/ipod.  It's best to choose which ideas you feel would apply to your business and are relatively easy to implement.  Some of the most powerful marketing ideas I've ever had came from others!

Make it a habit of trying new marketing concepts.  For example, you may have noticed a type of merchandising that might work well for your products or services.  Can you change a display?  Use what you've learned.  The more you do this, the more you'll see results.  Over time, these results can add up significantly.  If you want to improve your marketing, get out, get informed, and get learning!


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