Thursday, December 17, 2009

Build Links With Blog Comments

Give me a break.  I see so many people trying to build links via blogs and the MAJORITY have no clue what they are doing.  If you submit comments that are loaded with links, you wont get approved on moderated blogs.  If you want to use blogs for backlinking, here's what I recommend.

1.  Contribute something of value.  Don't submit garbage with your link included and expect it to get published.  If the blog is any good, the moderator wont accept your post.

2.  Find DoFollow blogs.  Your comment and link are worthless if they aren't included on a "do follow" blog.  Do follows are blogs that Google will crawl and index.  To get a list of do follow blogs, search the Internet or do a search on dofollow.

3.  Consider using the comment name as your link.  Some blogs allow you to personalize your post name and the corresponding link.  Enter the anchor text of the link you wish to add and insert the URL of your choice in the web address URL.

Remember that your comments should enrich the value of the site and show that you are actually interested in more than getting your link on a blog.  Take some time to write a legitimate response and your comments will get accepted more often than not.


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