Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Marketing Is Simple

What differentiates good marketing from bad?  In my opinion it all comes down to understanding your market and identifying messaging that works.  Add a sweet promotion and you've got good marketing.  Here are some good marketing tips for creating campaigns that are effective.

1.  Good marketing tip #1:  Segmentation.  If you're trying to serve everyone you will undoubtedly fail and fail big.  In today's environment, people are hit with tons of messages competing for their attention.  To get noticed, your message has to be on target and resonate with your audience - much easier to do when you segment.

2.  Good marketing tip #2:  Identify Pain Points.  Take the time to identify the pain points of your audience.  If you know what keeps them up at night, you'll get there attention.  Try to address something that isn't causing pain and they'll pass you by.

3.  Good marketing tip #3:  It's the Message.  How are you communicating?  Does you message resonate with your target audience?  If so, does it move them through the purchase decision process?  Good messaging is at the core of any solid marketing program.

4.  Good marketing tip #4:  Promotion.  The effectiveness of your marketing will be creating promotions that drive trial and purchase.  Don't think discounting, think value.  Package products and solutions, try different opportunities to interact or sample your product and watch your marketing make an impact.

Good marketing is the result of following the before mentioned ideas as well as giving yourself the flexibility to try new things, experiment, and measure the results.  We all know good marketing when we see it - now do it!


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