Friday, June 12, 2009

Tweet This!

Twitter... it's the rage - everyone is doing it. Even me (@mfleischner) but what's the point? After about a week of actually tweeting, I think I'm beginning to understand this phenomenon. It's all about connectivity, real time information, and technology.

The benefit of much of our technology is that it brings us closer, gives us a window into someone else's world. This factor can't be underestimated. There is real value in following someone you respect, can learn from, or brings you closer to your goal.

My recommendation is to start following people who you are curious about or can learn something from (inside your industry or out). Follow their posts and links, read what they're reading and find value. This can help you stay on top of your game, learn, and grow.

Are you finding other Twitter benefits?

If you've discovered other benefits of using Twitter, then let us know. Be sure to comment on this post. In short order, I'll be adding the "retweet" functionality so that readers can post this information to Twitter.. until then, be sure to comment. -thanks!


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