Friday, March 27, 2009

Create a Marketing Plan That Gets Good Results

Today's Good Marketing Tip: Marketing Plans

If you're looking to succeed with a basic marketing plan, then youll need to focus on some core elements of a plan that targets the right audience and produces a result. For your marketing to be truly effective, you should consider using multiple media and a number of touches.

There is so much competition today that the messages you use need to be incredibly focused. The impact of any campaign is highly correlated to the quality of your list and the effectiveness of your offer.

Over the past twelve years I have discovered that marketing results are relatively consistent when sound marketing practices are applied. These techniques can be effective in virtually any industry and with any type of campaign you have. Consider developing your marketing campaign using these strategies:

Set targeted goals. Before you get started think about the specific goals you wish to achieve. Many marketers focus on generating some type of conversion but you need to define what conversion means to you. Some individuals are just looking for a sale while others are seeking a lead or download. Before you begin your marketing campaign, identify what action you want respondents to take and how you are going to measure it.

Focus on segmentation. Do not attempt to market to everyone. Choose a specific segment and focus your energies there. If you do, your campaign will be more successful. You can increase your chances of success tremendously when you focus on a specific market or niche. Review your current customer and find others like them if you wish to generate a positive ROI.

Select a few key messages points. What are the messages that resonate with your audience segment? There may be some key message points you have when describing your product or service. If so, use them to create a baseline and try to improve in later campaigns. You need to talk to your prospects in the language that resonates with them if you are going to grab their attention and gain their trust.

Test your offers. The only way to run a successful marketing campaign is by testing various offers. Your offer is an essential component for driving results. Your best bet is to test multiple offers simultaneously by splitting your list or testing offers. Once you find and offer that works, try to beat its results during the next campaign.

Use an integrated marketing approach. Dont settle for a single email, post card or ad. Rather, discover the media that your segment uses to get their information, do research, and buy their products. This will help you determine the best way to reach them. Once you develop a campaign, tie together as many of these media types to convey your message and offer.

I have found that using these techniques are paramount to producing a favorable return on your marketing investment. In addition be mindful of campaign timing. Even if all of the above criteria are met, your campaign may still fall flat if you have not exposed your audience to the right message at the right time.

Be sure to review each of the aforementioned steps before creating your next marketing campaign. Your marketing is only going to be effective if you set specific goals, segment your market, focus on key messages, and create a compelling offer. I encourage you to experiment with different media to get your message across.


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