Monday, March 3, 2008

The Power Of The Free Download

Today's Marketing Tip: The Free Download

If you want to succeed at online marketing, you've got to acquire email lists that convert. The best performing email lists are what we marketers call the "house" list. The house list quite simply is a list that you acquire on your own - usually from your own website.

One of the most effective techniques I have found for acquiring email addresses is with the help of a free download. A free download can be as simple as a special report or even a checklist. Simply ask individuals to register with just a name and email address to access the report.

The last step is to reassure the browser that you won't sell their name to third parties. The purpose of acquiring this lead is to sell your own products, not someone else's. So be sure to use the name for your purposes only. Try offering a free download and start emailing your list to start generating sales.


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