Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Marketing Tip: Free Traffic Isn't All That Bad

If you're anything like me, you probably like to get things for free. I'm a big fan of getting something at little or no cost - especially if I've never used the product or service in the past.

About a year ago, a friend turned me onto traffic exchanges which are either free or cost very little, for driving traffic to my web site. Most web site owners struggle with generating traffic to their web sites. Unless you have a strong viral appeal, building traffic can take time and cost a significant amount of money.

The concept of a traffic exchange is easy. You essentially browse other peoples web sites and web pages. When you view their sites you earn credits. As you accumulate credits, they can be used to generate traffic to your web site.

To utilize your credits, you enter the URLs you want to promote into the traffic exchange administration panel. You then set the number of credits you would like to use up each day. For example, if you surf to earn about 100 credits per day, you may choose to display your page 100 times (assuming that one credit equals one page view).

The key to making traffic exchanges work is to use them consistently and use squeeze pages or special offers so that users not only visit your site once, but multiple times. This creates an ongoing traffic stream that only increases over time.

The two most popular traffic exchanges are Traffic Swarm and Easy Hits 4U. Both of these cost nothing to join but do offer additional premium options for a small fee. The premium options essentially let you buy credits. If you want to utilize the power of the exchanges without surfing, premium options let you do that. It's all up to you. Personally, I like the no cost options.


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