Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Marketing Tip #192: Twitter What?

Have you been thinking about all of this social media that seems to be the latest craze? I've got to tell you that all of this social media talk is making me crazy. It seems that the phrase "social media" or Twitter is part of just about every conversation.

Are you using social media?

Are you one of the millions that are already using social media? Or, are you someone sitting on the sidelines? You may be thinking that it's too late to start or that social media doesn't impact your business. However, I believe the contrary. That is to say that it's never too late and in fact, tapping in to social media can do a lot for your business.

1. Social media is how more people are choosing to communicate. If you aren't providing access to your company via social media, then you may be missing the boat. Companies that are more in tune with how people communicate are more successful.

2. You could be overshadowed by your competitors. Are your competitors everywhere? Social media helps from a branding perspective that simply can't be overlooked. Make your presence known with content on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites.

3. Companies are automating their social media. With tools designed for Twitter automation and sophisticated content management systems, companies are outsourcing or automating much of their social media - making the process effortless and cost efficient.

4. Social media is growing every day. More and more people are going social media sites every day. This allows for segmentation and targeted messaging. Consumers want to work with companies that know what they're doing online. If you aren't present, you may be impacted by a lack of trust.

5. Sites like Facebook are adding new features everyday. These features can improve the dialog with your customers and prospects. If you're not using these tools already, you could miss out on some of the most advanced opportunities to have a one-on-one dialog with your customers.

If you're not using social media already, get started today. Put together a plan or simply start with a specific goal. What sites will you join? For what purpose? How often will you participate in the dialog? What are you striving for? It's never to late to get started so start today.


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