Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting Your Foot In the Door

Maybe you're wondering how to drum up business - get your foot in the door at major corporations or among prospects that can benefit from your products and services. One technique that has always been effective for generating new business and marketing partnerships is networking.

That's right... since the beginning of time, people have been networking to expand their business and broaden their horizons. the key with networking is getting started and carefully choosing how you are going to make connections. Today, with the help of the Internet and applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, your job is easier than ever.

Start by identifying the group or "groups" you want to target. Search for these groups online and off. Start with the major online social networks and join respective networking groups. You can often do so by sending an email or sending a request to join.

After you've been accepted into a group, don't enter like a bull in a China shop. Rather, make comments on occasion, try to connect with a few individuals vs. everyone, and provide value through comments or information that may be relevant to the group.

Consider advancing your networking strategies off line as well. You can call your local chamber of commerce or search online for groups that meet locally to discuss your expertise or area of influence. Networking face-to-face can pay huge dividends.

No matter what type of networking you're most comfortable doing, get started. The key to any successful networking strategy is to try a number of things until you determine what the best fit is for you and your business.


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