Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Here are some good marketing tips I just shared with a friend of mine. They may not be the most popular or the most talked about, but they can certainly help to improve your marketing results.

Stay away from discounting. It get's difficult to start charging top price for the same products or services that you offer. As a result, you should consider emphasizing value over price. This allows you to sell for full price caught in the slippery slope of discounting. Once you do, while making buyers comfortable with the price they actually pay.

Consistent messaging. Consider the entire user experience before you launch a campaign. From email to website to promotional offer, ask yourself if the prospect having a consistent user experience. If they are, your campaigns stands above ninety-eight percent of others.

Create value after the sale. As marketers, its our job to understand our market segment and build relationships, not drop people off at the front door of our store and walk away. Focus as much of your energy on building relationships with customers as you do prospects.

Keep these marketing tips in mind before you start your next campaign. You'll have more success and enjoy the process.


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