Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Video Marketing - Get the Most From Your Online Marketing

Video marketing is the big and if you don’t have a successful strategy in place, then you’re leaving money on the table.  Find out how to out do the competition and get more customers.

Video marketing is one of the easiest ways to get ahead of your competition and sell your services to customers.  The future of the Internet advertising is video and providing video on your website is an excellent way to convince visitors to buy your products.  When you have a professionally done video, you not get more visitors, but your chances of sales increases.  Moreover, getting professionally made Internet video ads is easier and more affordable than ever through a variety of services on the Internet.

When a potential customer searches the Internet for a service such as “Orlando plumber” Google and will first return a list of business that have been submitted to their local directory, followed by video search results, and then websites that have optimized for the search term “Orlando plumber”.  In order to stand out, you need to make sure you have a presence on all three of these types of search results.  The repetition of your business being listed at the top of a search 

engine result page will make you seem more relevant to your customer and get your site more visitors.

The other advantage that video provides is that it generates a lot of traffic.  As you already know, the key to having a successful business website is getting traffic.  Without traffic you have no leads and no sales.  Think of all the great websites, they have become great because they have lots of traffic.  They have done everything to become a familiar name on the Web and if you want your business to succeed, you must do the same.

When you create video and submit it to video sharing sites like YouTube, Yahoo! Video, Google Video, and MySpace you now expose your business and services to the millions of visitors who visit these sites.  The video submission of your Internet ads can also be done professionally to optimize the visitors they reach and to target a specific audience.

By now you have realized that video is an important component of your advertising.  Don’t procrastinate on implementing this strategy or believe that you cannot afford to produce your video.  There are lots of resources available on the Internet that can help you create video for the Web.  Get started today, so you can boost your bottom line.

Post provided by Aaron Rodgers who is a freelance writer who writes for a number of U.S. businesses.  For more information on video advertising for local businesses he recommends visiting SmallBizVids.com.


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