Friday, May 23, 2008

Landing Pages Improve Conversions

Today's Marketing Tip: Improve your performance with landing pages that work.

Landing pages are created to improve conversions for marketers spending on email and PPC advertising. When thinking about paid search and email, email is the cheaper route, and allows more freedom and speed in testing. Paid search is more difficult because it's not overly intrusive. As might be obvious, email puts a marketer's message directly in front of the consumer whereas search requires not only the consumer to actively seek out but to not be blind to advertisements.

As an extension to that, most effective marketers believe that landing pages should not be subtle. She prefers the "buy it now" approach, especially with smaller ticket items for sale that don't require a lot of research.

Knowing the intent of the consumer then, plays a big part in developing a landing page. Make sure the landing page matches where the consumer expects to be taken. Consumers hate to see someone come in and hit the search button immediately. That's making consumers work too hard and costing you good marketing dollars. Landing pages more closely aligned to PPC ads can also reduce click costs. Here are some other things to consider...

1. Get top-level buy-in for strategic projects; not all projects produce immediate sales, but have more strategic implications for the business.

2. Create urgency, such as a deadline to increase CTR and conversion

3. Print destination URLs on pages in your catalog

4. Sepertate CSS and data points for ease of use

5. Make sure landing pages deliver on a promise that drove the shopper to the site with consistent products, benefits, offers and branding

6. Split test different paid search landing pages

7. Split test different email landing pages. Don't throw consumers to a category page, but a specifically designed page using the email messaging, creative and extended product offering

8. Track key performance on all pages

9. With landing pages - think like a consumer

10. Test, test, test

Landing pages are a good investment, especially when they're done right. Follow these landing page guidelines and optimize your conversions.


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