Monday, May 5, 2008

Article Submitter Review

If you're looking for article submission software, you've probably heard of Article Submitter by Bryxen Software. Article Submitter claims that "Getting Super High Quality, One Way Links Has Never Been Easier! Submit Unlimited Articles To A Whopping 668 Article Directories!" In short, Article Submitter claims to...

Quickly publish your articles to hundreds of websites!
Increase your Google rankings by getting quality, 1-way links!
Submit an unlimited number of Articles!
Free upgrades for life!
Plus much more!
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So what's the deal? Does Article Submitter do everything it claims to? Is it really that easy to use? Well, we put Article Submitter to the test and here's are review:

1. Article Submitter is backed by the reputation of a leading software producer. Bryxen Software, the makers of Article Submitter, have already produced top ranking Internet marketing products, selling millions of licenses annually. These products include: SEO Elite, KeyWord Elite, and Affiliate Elite. This reputation is an important factor when considering any online software package.

2. Article Submitter is easy to set up and use. Like most article submission software, Article Submitter requires you to enter basic information about your website, author, and email for article directories. Additionally, you'll need to register for a number of article directories, but once you do, submission is automatic with a feature that populates all online forms. Lastly, you'll need to enter information about your article including title, summary, article body, and author profile. This is easy to do and self explanatory. No need to read complex manuals or watch lengthy videos.

3. Organize your submission based on popularity. To optimize your submission process, you can use Article Submitter to sort by most relevant article directory, directory Google Page Rank, or other factors. This flexibility streamlines the submission process, allowing you to focus on the most important websites first.

4. Similar to Directory Submitter. If you use one of the other software products from Bryxen, you'll have very little to learn about this tool. Even if you've never used an online software package before, getting up and running takes only about 10 minutes.

5. Responsive customer support. In order to fully review this product, we contacted support with a fabricated issue. Once the support ticket was placed, we received a response in less than 90 minutes. The timeliness and accuracy of the response were excellent and above expectations.

If you're looking for article submission software, Article Submitter has one HUGE advantage - a FREE trial. What we like about the free trial is that it lets you use all of the features of the product. The only thing the trial does not provide is access to all of the article directories which is available with the full Article Submitter license.

For website owners and Internet marketers who are serious about building thousands of one-way links to their website, and are considering article submission software, then Article Submitter is for you. Click here to start your FREE trial!


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