Friday, December 28, 2007

How Are You Creating Your Links?

Are search engines devaluing your links because they consider them spam? One of my most frequently used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies is keyword focused link text. What I mean by keyword focused is simply that I make sure that links pointing to my website include my keywords. Including keywords in your anchor text (also know as link text) ensures that the search engines know what type of content can be found once the link is followed.

Many search engines - including Google - are starting to evaluate this link text strategy in greater detail. Websites that have thousands of incoming links, all with the same link text, may signal something amiss. Therefore, it's best to vary your link text when engaging in any type of link building campaign.

I recommend that you use keyword variations or add additional phrases to your link text. As an example, see how the link text is modified below:

Webmasters Book of Secrets

The Webmasters Book of Secrets

Improve Search Engine Rankings

All three links point to the same website but with varying link text. As a result, search engines will treat each of these links as unique, improving link popularity and organic search results. Vary your link text on a regular basis but be sure to always include your keywords or keyword phrase.


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