Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good Marketing Gets Better!

Marketing success takes more than chance.  To improve your marketing results, you'll need to be open to the simple process of: strategy, campaign roll out, testing, measurement.  Repeat and rinse.  

Successful marketers know that the best way to drive conversions is through a well refined marketing funnel.  If you begin with the end in mind, measurement, then you're well on your way to developing a marketing program that continually improves over time.

How to Begin
The best place to start is with an idea of your audience, timing, offer, and message.  Once you've determined the particulars of your campaign, its time to choose the medium.  During the process make sure that you are collecting data. This could include visitors, calls, or some other form of conversion.

In the end you'll have information to build on.  Your initial results are called your Control and will serve as a target to improve upon with your next campaign and the campaign after that.


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