Monday, November 9, 2009

Today's Marketing Tip: Article Submitters

If you're into online marketing, I'm sure you've heard about article submitters.  The concept is pretty straight forward.  The concept of article marketing begins with original content.  After writing a 400 - 900 word article, you carefully construct an "About the author" box which includes a link back to our website.

You then publish this article to your web site and wait a couple of days to ensure that it's been visited by website spiders which have identified the content as originating from your site first.  Then, you take this content and distribute it throughout the web.  One easy way to do this is with the help of Article Directories.  

Over the past few years, article directories have been popping up all over.  This is because they serve as a great resource for web site owners and can easily provide tons of back links to your web sites and blogs.  By including you link in the article, you're passing link juice from third party web sites to your own.  

If you're not using article marketing to drive potential customers to your site, I suggest you start doing so.  Not only do you generate traffic, but you can use this technique to build search engine optimization rankings as well.  Start with sites like EzineArticles and promote your content on a regular basis.


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