Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Google Quality Score

I recently delved back into PPC marketing. To be truthful, I've rarely if ever succeeded with an ongoing campaign. In essence, PPC has been hit or miss for me. When starting with my last campaign to promote 2 new affiliate sites (Culzee and I began reading up on changes in the PPC world.

What's great is that I found a lot of information about Google's Quality Score. Quality Score is important because is determines how much you spend per click. Based on everything that I've read, here are the top tips for improving Google Quality Score.

1. Keep copy relevant to landing pages and include the keywords you are bidding on within your page.

2. Keep the keyword density on your page to around 2%. Again, this speaks to relevance in relation to your ads and keywords.

3. Do your best to mask affiliate links. If you don't have your own system for masking these links consider using tinyURLs.

4. Have a number of content pages accessible from your landing page. This can be articles, blog/blog posts, or related content.

5. Include the main keywords you are bidding on in the URL of the site.

6. Use each of your meta tags appropriately (don't stuff), including relevant keywords, description, and so on.

7. Provide links from your page to a number of authority web sites. Google likes to see that!

8. Submit your xml sitemap via Google web master tools once your site is completed.

9. Include sections such as about us, terms and conditions, and contact page. This identifies your site as a legitimate business.

10. Exclude any pop-ups or pop-unders from your site.

Whether you are a heavy users of Google Adwords or a casual user, ensuring a high quality score is essential for producing profitable campaigns. Begin your development with a focus on quality score and you're sure to improve the profitability of each campaign.


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