Friday, September 12, 2008

How To Market Your Business With Little or No Money

Recently, a colleague asked me how he to market his small business with little or no money. Although it sounds like an almost impossible task, it's not. Keep in mind that marketing isn't just about advertising and trade shows... it's about communicating your message - brand, product benefits, etc. - in all you do.

I suggested three things that could be done immediately to being marketing without money.

1. Change your voicemail. Add you company tag line, mention a new product, or let your caller know about a recent offer. This can be done at zero cost and helps to market your company, products and services.

2. Ask for a Referral. The purpose of marketing is to sell. Why not cut to the chase? After each sale, ask for a referral. Your customer usually knows at least one other person who can benefit from your service.

3. Write a letter. Do you have a short list of prospects that you've been trying to reach but no marketing materials? No matter.... generate a handwritten not that specifically addresses your prospect's pain points and how you and your business can alleviate them. For less than 50 cents, you've created a powerful marketing piece that can generate significant results.

Marketing doesn't have to cost a lot, or anything for that matter. Keep it simple and think about those ways in which you're currently communicating with your prospects and customers. Can you turn these communications into marketing opportunities?


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