Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Marketing Your Website With a Traffic Exchange

Today's Marketing Tip: Traffic Exchange

If you haven't heard about them, you're definitely in the minority. Traffic exchanges are sites that allow you to either install a toolbar or set a start page that gives you credit for surfing websites and/or squeeze pages.

Often times you'll earn a single credit or mulitple credits for each site you view.As your credits increase, the number of times your very own website or squeeze page is displayed throughout the traffic exchange network by other members. Most traffic exchanges allow you to select the specific categories of sites/squeeze pages you wish to see.

So what's the value? From my perspective, its not what you might think. Personally, I've used Traffic Swarm to test my squeeze pages - not for traffic generation. You might be asking yourself, isn't traffic the necessary component of an effective promotional page? Well, there is some truth in that without anyone viewing your promotional pages, its next to impossible to determine their effectiveness.

The other challenge is that many users are just surfing to earn credits.That being said, I find traffic exchanges to be a real tell-tale sign of your squeeze page's effectiveness. If you can stop someone in their tracks to view your page and take an action (free report, download, go to purchase), then you have a winner.If you want to learn more about traffic exchanges, check out Traffic Swarm, TrafficG or simply do a Google search. Sign up and start exchanging traffic today!


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